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John Stilwell
The proposed redistricting is an unfair and reckless effort to divide the state and marginalize the voices of hundreds of thousands of Nevada voters - a perfect example of horrendous gerrymandering. John Stilwell
Cassandra Peat
As usual the democrats HAVE to manipulate their way into power instead of allowing the people to decide what needs to be done. This is bull-pucky and we should not stand for it!
Kay Inglis
Since Democrats don't solve problems I certainly do not want to be included in Reno. The way this map is drawn, I do not have any representation in congress.
After reading all comments, it is apparent that no one approves of any redistricting. If our elected leadership chooses to ignore this situation as they have done so far... I believe it's time to change our elected leadership in Nevada!
Melinda Terry
This is gerrymandering, plain and simple. This is not representative government. This is a stacked deck and a political ploy. We might as well be Commiefornia.
Barbara Douglas
I did not request to be redistricted. Do not redistrict my area and include me in Las Vegas numbers. I am Northern Nevada!
Fred Voltz
It is most concerning how communities in the Las Vegas Valley have been broken up between the three congressional districts. Since the valley is largely divided by I-15 and U.S. 95, those needed to be the rough starting parameters for grouping similar neighborhoods together rather than splitting them up. For example, Boulder City has far more connections with Henderson than it does with Las Vegas, yet it has now been connected to Las Vegas city. The west side has been split in two, as has the northwest parts of the heavily-populated part of the Las Vegas Valley.
Bruce Clark
Is it really so hard to be a representative of everyone in your district? These redistricting lines are a clear case of gerrymandering and everyone of you politicians voting on this clearly know this! Please somebody stand up have some ethics and redistrict the state fairly and equitably and stop playing partisan politics for your own selfish benefits! These lines do not fairly represent my community and you know it! Do this correctly! I implore you!
Joan Wilder
This looks to be totally unfair to Northern Nevada and specifically my Community.
James Stepp
I'd like to know why Race is even included in the information considered here. We're ALL people,why does Race even figure in? Anyway,Nevada is a RED State geographically,controlled by TWO Cities. As we know,and History proves this,Democratic Rule of Cities NEVER makes a City better,it ALWAYS makes it worse. I VERY much dislike the redistricting being proposed. It was bad to begin with,and those in power in Nevada want to double down,and make it worse yet. Gee-how surprising THAT is.
David Sandfoss
Unity can not be created through division. This redistricting model has not been requested by the people of Nevada and is unnecessary and unfair.
Jon Harrison
The district lines are drawn by liberals for there benefit and not for the benefit of the voters. Just another power grab.
Gerald Antinoro
This division gives no voice to the rural communities of our state. The south is subjugated by Las Vegas while the north is pushed aside at the whims of Washoe County. Give rural communities a true voice!
Barbara Teixeira
Your gerrymandering is beyond outrageous! You do nit represent us! You represent yourself! Yo7 are using this as a power play to keep our state under one party rule! We will not accept this.
C Jones
The shapes of these districts and the locations of the boundaries is clear evidence of gerrymandering. It is obvious the goal is to advantageously manipulate demographics instead of promote representative government.
Gary Webster
Appears that the elected are selecting their electors. This is Democratic chicanery. Please divide Clark county to align with other counties, divide into more equitable areas.
Dianne Hutchens
Well, there goes our two party system of governing! There will be no checks and balances if this radical redistricting is completed as proposed.
Anthony Ilardi
This is just another example of the democrats attempting to gerrymander their way in order to unfairly manipulate the votes in our state!
Andrew Garner
This is a map that disenfranchises well over half of Nevada's registered voters to benefit a handful of extremist Democrat party insiders. No way should this stand!
Jennella Battles
One political party or county should not be deciding how the entire state is represented. Rural cities should not be segregated. Generate fair & balanced representation for everyone. Oppose these new boundaries.
Stacy Regenhard
Looks like you need to pull some Republicans from district 2 to 4 and even out the other districts to a more level playing field. It's pretty obvious you don't want any Republican representation with ALL the branches of these maps. Really disappointed!
Betty C Moyer
Fix our election integrity and audit 2020 election's ! Splitting up our community is not an option ! With the majority we have at this point in our state..I don't trust this process. This is Oregon and California way of doing redistricting , and that did not work for either and it won't work for Nevada !! Stop it now Nevada or we'll become just another one-party rule State .
Charles Henry
Nevada is a rural state and should have district lines drawn to reflect that.
Nachman Kataczinsky
This is gerrymandering to benefit one party - the Democrats.
Peter Milley
Leave things alone. Quit trying to stack the deck.
David Lukasik
The shapes of these districts and the locations of the boundaries is clear evidence of gerrymandering. It is obvious the goal is to advantageously manipulate demographics instead of promote representative government.
Einar Asp
Their maps fail to ensure that legislative districts are drawn in a manner that respects geographic and municipal boundaries and do not protect minority voting rights. Dem maps disenfranchise communities of interest who share a policy benefit such as carving Carlin off from Elko or splitting Eureka or splitting Tonopah or splitting Pahrump. Simply unacceptable. Nevadans are being denied the ability to choose their elected officials, instead elected officials are drawing maps to pick their voters. These maps are being drawn to suppress competition, and instead creating incumbency strongholds. We need to allow fresh faces to challenge incumbents. We need to remove the political abuses from these maps and create fair and representative proposals for all Nevadans.
Marie L Nicholson
As a taxpayer and resident of Nevada I demand that we do a complete audit of the 2020 election to verify that every legal vote was counted (and all the illegal ones tossed out). After that is settled we can talk about changing voting districts.
Sandra Lambert
This is a partisan ploy to help Democrats by splitting up Republican voting strength. I am strongly opposed to this change. If it is not broke, then don't fix it!
Pam Sorenson
This seems to be a way of insuring Republicans never when another state election.
Larry Swafford
This is terrible…. Politics as usual…
Donald Leroy Parker
I thought the purpose of redistricting was to create a level playing field. These
Michele Mittemiller
Who are they really working for? Not us!! Our state is in such chaos with the poor leadership from our Governor.
Murray Kane
These maps are unfair, illegal and discriminatory. They heavily favor those persons registered in the Democrat party and heavily disfavor those persons registered in the Republican or any other party other than Democrat and also heavily disfavor those persons registered as independent or non-partisan. These proposed maps are also unconstitutional for these reasons under the United States and Nevada Constitutions, and also violate Article 1, Sec. 13 (do not apportion representation by population but by party) and Article 2, Section 1A and Section 9 in that they are discriminatory for the reasons mentioned in this comment.
Toni Farkas
Seems like there's a rush to draw new districts without properly investigating whether or not it's even a good idea...well We don't think it is, it's time to please listen to your we matter at all anymore? Because it doesn't seem like it..
Barbara L Fleming
Totally against this special session without more input from the residents! Leave the districts as they are currently until then. This is as bogus as passing the paper ballot law in the middle of the night slamming through while the citizenry slept.
Toni Farkas
These new districts are not representing Nevadans fairly...I oppose these new proposals
Barney Rabold
Help me understand the problem that caused this special session. I do not see a problem..What I see is a clear move to enable the Democratic Party to cut out as much turf as possible and further disadvantage the Republican voters of our state. Stop the steal!!
Muriel Weidemann
This just gives the lower 1/3 of the state 3/4th of the representation... shesh! No bias there, haha! How is this balanced representation for the entire state's population?
Claudette Rhoades
Oppose this redistrict agenda
Marcie Hansen
All of these districts appear to be drawn to benefit Democrats because in all but one Dems out number Republicans. It should be equal so everyone's voice can be heard.
Shanna Lamb
Look at the obvious gerrymandering on this map. The Supreme Court needs to reconsider Rucho v. Common Cause which allows the state to choose their own boundaries.
Devron Lawrence Gonzalez
These proposed maps are terrible. Democrats claim that these proposed changes are to “protect and empower minority voters”. These new maps do no such thing. All these maps do is split and segregate communities and counties alike - in a pathetic effort to gain more political control and permanently make Nevada a blue state. It’s a blatant power grab motivated by fear of more republicans and moderates being elected to Nevada’s legislature in 2022. Rather than focusing on ways to obtain more power and control - the democratically led legislature should use focus on ways to end Nevada’s record high unemployment and poor public education performance.
Very disgusting that the gerrymandering is so obvious. Typical Democrats taking a chance to cheat their way to future victories.
Delton Atkinson
For the far NW portion Las Vegas including Centennial Hills with the communities of Providence and Skye Canyon, it is difficult to tell which parts are in District 3 and in District 4. Since these are essentially one large community, they should be combined into the same voting District.
Chris Ackerson
Yet again this proves that the Democratic Party is evil and if anybody gerrymandered them like these maps do to Republicans they would be suing, suing, and suing. These maps are garbage.
Dr. Robin Titus
small crescent moon shape carve out putting this corner of Smith Valley into CD4 significantly violates maintaining a community of interests, as they share a common social and economic interest.
Samuel Berninger
Obvious gerrymander for the Democratic Party. You throw in all of Henderson and Boulder City with downtown LV and the east side? As if there's nothing transparent about the motive there.
Benjamin Greene
This split of Las Vegas (and Clark County in general) is a little messy and can probably be done cleaner while better representing minority voters in the county. District 2 is fine, but 1, 3, and 4 should be reviewed.
Cyrus Hojjaty
Just draw a ring around the Las Vegas Valley with a line drawn in the center for two districts. Then outer-fringe areas would be part of the rural counties.