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Melinda Terry
This is gerrymandering, plain and simple. This is not representative government. This is a stacked deck and a political ploy. We might as well be Commiefornia.
Leave Spring Valley District in tact.
Barbara Douglas
Nevada should not redistricted at this time. We need fair elections back in our State! The last election needs to be looked into!
Fred Voltz
Both in the greater Reno area and the greater Las Vegas area, Senate districts need more of a rectilinear shape that keeps like-kind communities together while coming as close as possible to equal population numbers. The contorted shapes of the proposed districts do little to make it easy for Senators to represent the interests of their constituents. District boundary lines need to reflect a cohesive set of communities, not exist only to keep incumbents in office.
Matt Deschaine
This is a ridiculous idea. The boundary proposed splits our current neighborhoods right in half and they should also make a priority keeping precincts whole!
Bruce Clark
Is it really so hard to be a representative of everyone in your district? These redistricting lines are a clear case of gerrymandering and everyone of you politicians voting on this clearly know this! Please somebody stand up have some ethics and redistrict the state fairly and equitably and stop playing partisan politics for your own selfish benefits! These lines do not fairly represent my community and you know it! Do this correctly! I implore you!
Joan Wilder
Looks to be totally unfair. Why the race divisions??? That is so wrong. The way it is on this map i would not have fair representation.
David Sandfoss
Redistricting is a pretty shaky reason for a special session in the first place. This map is a blatant attempt to control the vote.
Jon Harrison
The district lines are drawn by liberals for there benefit and not for the benefit of the voters. Just another power grab.
Barbara Teixeira
You are deliberating gerrymandering to create a one party state. You are determined to RULE us, not represent us. Do not even attempt to tell us this is fair. You want to be sure Republicans have no input into our state elections. This state belongs to all of us; it is not the Democrats to rule! We will not accept this power play!
C Jones
The shapes of these districts and the locations of the boundaries is clear evidence of gerrymandering. It is obvious the goal is to advantageously manipulate demographics instead of promote representative government.
Gerald Antinoro
This is a blatant attempt to rig the system. It puts us in a district with a representative we did not vote for. It lumps us into the state capital that has very different issues than those we face. Stop gerrymandering!
Anthony Ilardi
This is just another example of the democrats attempting to gerrymander their way in order to unfairly manipulate the votes in our state!
Julie Stevenson
All across the map there are inherent proofs of gerrymandering to benefit the democrats. County lines being crossed over, general township areas being split apart, areas that have a natural history of working together as communities being separated. This gives evidence of partitioning the state, NOT according to cities, counties and communities to benefit those particular areas, but instead to gerrymander a Democrat advantage to the complete DISADVANTAGE of the 66% majority of the state of Nevada. This is completely unacceptable to the residents of NV.
Jennella Battles
One political party or county should not be deciding how the entire state is represented. Rural cities should not be split & segregated. Generate fair & balanced representation for everyone.
Laurie Bartlett
Absolutely NO NEED to redistrict Nevada, unless of course you are a democrat trying to stack the odds in your favor to win in the 2022 midterm elections. Corruption at its finest.
Doug Busselman
I don't believe that Elko, Eureka and Lander Counties should be split between multiple districts. There should be an ability to keep each of the county boundaries to serve as district lines.
David Lukasik
The shapes of these districts and the locations of the boundaries is clear evidence of gerrymandering. It is obvious the goal is to advantageously manipulate demographics instead of promote representative government.
Marie L Nicholson
Until the 2020 election is audited there should be no talk of changing districts. As a citizen of the state of Nevada I demand integrity in our elections.
Charles Henry
Way too much control given to the higher density populations. Nevada is a mostly rural state and should be managed as such.
Sandra Lambert
This is a partisan ploy to help Democrats by splitting up Republican voting strength. I am strongly opposed to this change. If it is not broke, then don't fix it!
Peter R Johansson
Keep section 10 and 11 in Spring Valley there is no need to change, these neighborhoods have been fighting together to keep our neighborhoods from changes in the RNP's this will negatively impact those being put in District 3 we want to stay in District 9
Pam Sorenson
To complicated and slanted towards Democrats control.
Donna M Johansson
This is a ridiculous proposal Section 10 and 11 should stay with the Spring Valley District 9 make the border Sahara as it has been. why split it in the middle? This is an inappropriate change that will affect how we protect our RNP neighborhoods Please keep the change at Sahara
Larry Swafford
These redrawn districts are unacceptable.. stop with the politics!
Stacy Regenhard
What are these maps based on? I can't find a commonality except that of the 21 districts 15 are Democratic. It isn't based on evening out racial divides and appears to be rigged to benefit Democrats. If you have to zigzag the lines to accommodate something besides political party please inform the public. Otherwise you can do a better job of making the district lines so they aren't so ridiculous and confusing!
Murray Kane
These maps are unfair, illegal and discriminatory. They heavily favor those persons registered in the Democrat party and heavily disfavor those persons registered in the Republican or any other party other than Democrat and also heavily disfavor those persons registered as independent or non-partisan. These proposed maps are also unconstitutional for these reasons under the United States and Nevada Constitutions, and also violate Article 1, Sec. 13 (do not apportion representation by population but by party) and Article 2, Rights of Suffrage Section 1A.9 in that they are discriminatory for the reasons mentioned in this comment.
Toni Farkas
Disproportionately slanted in favor of one demographic over another
Justine Ortiz
Keep section 10 & 11 together.
Paul Farkas
These new districting proposals are NOT representative of real Nevadans! As your constitutes we should be allowed more input on these matters
Hillsman Robert
This is a ridiculous proposal and fails to consider that the current border for City of Las Vegas & Clark county unincorporated areas which is Sahara avenue. These parts of the county have been well organized for years and share multiple issues especially regarding the disparate laws for the city vs. county re. Short term rentals, etc. The unincorporated county areas also are working hard to avoid severe and damaging changes to our RURAL ESTATES (RE) & RURAL NEIGHBORHOODS PRESERVATION (RNP) DESIGNATION. The attempts to move them into District 3 should not happen! These neighborhoods need to remain in District 9. The suggested changes are inappropriate and need to not be approved!
Devron Lawrence Gonzalez
These proposed map changes are completely and utterly ridiculous. Not one rational thought was used when this map was drafted. It is obvious that it is a blatant power grab by the Nevada’s democratic leadership. This map will not benefit voters or state residents at all. It makes absolutely no sense to completely ignore county lines when “redistricting” - doing so introduces a sever imbalance in what goes on in county and state government. This “redistricting” is just a pathetic attempt by the Nevada democratic leadership to permanently make Nevada a blue state and is completely motivated by fear of a “red wave” in 2022. This blatant gerrymandering just goes to show how Nevada democrats only care about securing their power - and could care less about making things better for all Nevadans.
Stacy Miller
Green Valley is one community. Why split it in representation? Please keep it all under one district. Thank you.
Shanna Lamb
Could you be any more obvious on the gerrymandering? This shows you how evil demonRats are! Pathetic! #FJB
Marcie Hansen
All of these districts appear to be drawn to benefit Democrats because in all but one Dems significantly out number Republicans. It should be equal so everyone's voice can be heard. Additionally, all the odd, zig-zag shapes appear suspicious. Why split up Spring Valley?
Edmond Freis
My wife and I have lived in Section 10 for over 32 years. We have seen growth of the area that seldom favored the people who reside here. This newest attempt to divide Sections 19 & 11 makes no sense to anyone, except for those that live here and want to direct how we live. This is a brazen effort that serves none of the resident. Please remember this when you decide. Ed Freis
Sad Democrats are so interested in gerrymandering that they completely fail to use county lines and major roads. Clearly very partisan.
Lisa G Skurow
Dear Legislators, Please keep Sections 10 & 11, intact with Spring Valley Township and protect out RNP Neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are under attack by big money interests who want to turn our otherwise quiet Rural Preservation Neighborhood into a commercial enterprise zone, controlled by big money interests of a few rogue big money interest outside investors who want to continue building House Clubs, Party Houses and Instant Hotels "STRs" throughout our neighborhood. We neighbors have been fighting against the noise and nuisances for, too long! Now this?! You want to divide us between Municipality of Las Vegas and Unincorporated Clark County?! Our community is strong. Our community is organized. Our community will not be divided for your big money interests! Please reconsider your plan to divide us, because united we wish to remain.
Jackie Jacquemoud
I disagree with redistricting Sections 10 and 11. Why wouldn't you want to keep Spring Valley Township intact as a community of interest instead of CRACKING our voting electorate. The boundary proposed splits our current neighborhoods right in half and they should make a priority keeping precincts whole. Not to mention, we are in unincorporated Clark County, and being lumped into the City of Las Vegas makes zero sense as far as our legislative representation is concerned. Please reconsider this ill-conceived action.
Deborah A Pinson
It seems to me that given the people in power are always messing our neighborhood up and you dont even live here!!! All you seem to care about is money and votes!!!! IN NO WAY SHOULD SPRING VALLEY TOWNSHIP BE BROKEN UP!!!! IT NEEDS TO REMAIN INTACT AS A COMMUNITY JUST THE WAY IT HAS BEEN SINCE THE CREATION OIF SECTION 10 MORE THAN 50 YEARS AGO!!!!! QUIT MESSING WITH OUR COMMUNITY JUST TO SERVE YOUR OWN SELFISH NEEDS FOR VOTES!!!!! LEAVE SECTION 10 INTACT!!!!
Amelia Wignall
We should be working on building neighborhoods, not splitting them apart. There is already enough division in this country; Spring Valley Township needs to be kept together as a whole. Please keep Section 10 and Section 11 intact.
Brian Wignall
The current proposal breaks up Section 10 and Section 11 which makes absolutely no sense. It's fine to hire consultants but, unless the will of the people is listened to, the outcome of this proposal is disaster.
Julie Wignall
PLEASE keep Spring Valley Township intact! The boundary proposal splits our neighborhoods in half. This is not the way to "Build Back Better" or support community interests.
Susan Fitzgerald Harmon
It is not good business or community cohesion. Please, do not do this
It appears you are trying to redistrict by quota system rather than maintaining neighborhood cohesiveness. I have far less in common with City of LV residents than I do with Clark County residents. I expect that any representative should reflect my interest; I do not think that a representative of primarily City of Las Vegas residents would represent me adequately. The City and County are separate governing bodies and I believe the representative system should reflect that separation.
Brian J Henry
From the Las Vegas Review Journal ("Sisolak makes call for special session" 11/12/21): "In their statement released on Tuesday, Democratic leaders said, 'throughout the state, we've proposed compact districts, that keep local communities together'". Sections 10 and 11 need to stay intact in Senate District 9 as part of Spring Valley. Splitting our neighborhood does the opposite of their professed goal, and should be considered nothing but gerrymandering.
Robert E. C. Henry, Jr
Sections 10 and 11 in Unincorporated Spring Valley need to stay together as a community. These unique RNP neighborhoods west of Jones must stay together in one voting district. The northern boundary of District 9 needs to extend north to Sahara Ave.
Veronica Hunt
The boundary should be to the North at Sahara Avenue. This map would split the Section 10 neighborhood and take us out of the Spring Valley Town area which makes no sense. We have been a part of the community for a long time and this redistricting map is poor.
Jasaon Hunt
Our neighborhood, Section 10, should remain intact and together within one district and part of the Spring Valley Town. We have a long history of being tied together and sense of community. It makes no sense to separate us in the same neighborhood. The line should be at least up to the North at Sahara Avenue.
Suzanne Easton
It makes no sense to split one small part of the Spring Valley township (part of the county) and add it to a district that is governed by the city! Sections 10 and 11 are parts of the original Spring Valley, and our voice need to be heard in a district with the rest of Spring Valley as one voice. I am very concerned about our neighborhood's preservation. We were railroaded by the STR law in the last session. Now this? How will our two small county sections have our voices heard as sections within the county vs everyone else as part of the city? Please allow Spring Valley to remain as one unit.
Sue Adras
Spring Valley Township, Section 10, where my property resides, and the adjacent neighborhood of Section 11 should remain individually whole, not split in any way. No districting map should split any part of our historic neighborhoods into proposed district 3, with a different Senator. My home is in UNINCORPORATED, Clark County, Spring Valley Township and I believe all properties under this designation should stay together. Doing so will unnecessarily divide our neighborhood, causing confusion to its citizens and representatives for ten years. There are real people underneath your computer generated redistricting lines. What is being proposed is wrong and poorly considered. Thank you.
Theresa Nelson
I am asking that the state legislature keep Spring Valley Township intact as a community of interest instead of dividing our community geographically. The logical North South boundaries for our community is Desert Inn (South) and Sahara Avenue (North). Thank you.
Thomas W Trenholm
I oppose the the division of spring valley.
Linda Trenholm
It is not beneficial to this community of Spring Valley Township to be split. We are a UNINCORPORATED community and as a resident of this state and this community for 30+ years there is no logical reason to disrupt the community for political gain.
Rise Strobehn
It is illogical and unethical to divide our Unincorporated Spring Valley Township; why would part of us be put in with municipalities and cities? Our Unincorporated Spring Valley Township needs to remain intact, as a community of interest. Seems like some person, or some group, has their own interests in mind - divide and conquer - as I said, unethical. Please keep our district whole, and extend the boundary north to Sahara - now that's logical!
Patricia Hoppe
Additionally, we have no desire to be governed by the likes of the city council, not even for a vote. That council is an embarrassment and will never understand or care about the needs of our type of community and the citizens that choose to live here. We will be forgotten and our voices never heard. Leave us alone, you have done enough already.
Patricia Hoppe
Leave Spring Valley Township alone! Why in the world would you even consider doing something like this that would break off part of our township when the whole thing is in unincorporated clark county? We moved here for a reason and we do not want to be part of your municipalities. This makes zero sense and if you took one second to think about it you would see that. Go bother constituents that are already living in those municipalities as they chose to move there. Do not break up our township. Why would you dilute our community's vote and try to break up our voice in our community? There is something shady going on here b/c there is absolutely no reason to do this unless you and your consultant have a shady liberal political agenda that you are trying to further. Once again for those in the back, we do not want to be a part of your municipalities. Everyone that lives in SV Township moved here for a reason and we worked hard to get here and get away from other places. Leave our community alone. Those of you that consider this are going to regret it b/c you will be voted out at some point and you will deserve that.
Diane M Henry
My RNP neighborhood of Sections 10 and 11 (Sahara to Desert Inn and Buffalo to Jones) should not be split in half between Senate Districts 3 and 9! We are not part of a municipality and do not belong in District 3. We are part of Spring Valley Township and Unincorporated Clark County. It is detrimental to my RNP neighborhood and lifestyle to split this community down the middle at Palmyra Avenue. Our entire neighborhood should remain intact as part of District 9. West of Jones Blvd, District 9 should therefore extend north to Sahara Avenue. Thank you.
Cj poe
Do not change or split spring valley districts or make any changes to the existing lines.
Yvette B Williams
Additionally, you have split our precinct where we as neighbors go to Gray Elementary school to vote each election to meet up. You have disrupted our sense of community and should draw your district line to ensure our precinct is made whole and our precinct remains in Spring Valley TOWNSHIP where it BELONGS. We are very disappointed that the Chair of this committee who currently represents our district in AD5 allowed this proposed plan to pass with the intention of isolating us from the rest of Spring Valley districts where we would be moved into a district that represents primarily communities living in municipalities where they have a city council and other local government. Our needs and interests our unincorporated community is very different. Thank you.
Yvette Williams
Why would you isolate the small remaining area of Spring Valley Township into District 3 which is governed by a municipality while Spring Valley Township is governed by the County in addition to the lifestyle and community of interest in District 10 and 11, where you have also sliced both neighborhoods right down the middle rather than going to the main street at Sahara Blvd and putting it in District 9 with the rest of Spring Valley residents where our neighborhood belongs. Why didn't you preserve our neighborhoods together? Why only split the very small tip of Spring Valley from our township. Unincorporated Clark County residents in RNP neighborhoods have a different lifestyle than the rest of District 3. Please move us to District 9 and preserve our neighborhood rather than CRACK our community of interest.
Cory Rand Christensen
I apologize to Senator Goicoechea. It is he, not Asm Hafen, that would need the state plane.
Courtenay Burns
This proposed district (14) is not drawn in a logical way. Despite the fact that the Cold Springs area is part of the Reno CDA (with Reno addresses) and is not rural, it is drawn together with highly rural areas. We share a community advisory board with the North Valleys, indicating that we are one community. We have trouble being fairly represented as it is; by drawing this district with very rural areas, the likelihood of representation in our interests and serving our issues is decreased even further.
Cory Rand Christensen
The only way that 19 could be the way it is mapped is by buying Asm Hafen a state plane to visit all his constituents. They want to put Primm, Sandy Valley, Blue Diamond, Calico Basin, Summerlin Communities of Paseos and Stone Bridge, Mt Charleston, Sky Canyon and Tule Springs in the same district? That isn't even mentioning going all the way up to Wendover. There is 0% chance that this map could ever stand. Why even put it out there?
Cory Rand Christensen
When are they going to put out the real maps? District 19 goes from the absolute northeastern part of the state down to the most southeastern. I guess the Democrats really aren't worried about legislators representing their districts.
D.R. Patterson
Competition is lost in the proposed SD20. The current SD12 is balanced politically to offer voters a competitive race and more responsive candidates. This proposed SD20 appears to have been politically drawn to serve as a 'safe' district for Republicans. The conflict-of-interest potential here is high for Asm. Glen Leavitt. SD20 should be re-drawn to maintain competition between parties.
Jason Johnson
Senate District 9 has been recut in an obvious and pathetic attempt to protect the Democratic incumbent. Other than one man, one vote, the most important rule of redistricting is to avoid diluting the voice of specific groups while amplifying the political power of others. This proposal badly fails that rule.  To cut SD-9 so that South Summerlin and Rhodes Ranch are now in a district with Chinatown takes away the electoral voice of the people of Southwest Las Vegas. Not only did it go from a Democrat +7 to a Democrat +12 district, it completely changes the educational, racial, religious and income demographics of the district so much that the people previously represented in SD-9 will no longer have a voice in who represents them in Carson City.  The gerrymandered tail in the NE portion of SD-9 should be in SD-10. Then the additional population in SD-10 should go to SD-11, and the northern part of SD-11 should go to SD-9. That would make it more representative for all the districts and prevent lawsuits that the Nevada Democrats will lose.