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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Claudia pitarre
Leave nevada alone this is just a political move to screw over the people even more
Melinda Terry
This is gerrymandering, plain and simple. This is not representative government. This is a stacked deck and a political ploy. We might as well be Commiefornia.
Barbara Douglas
NO redistricting of Nevada! Fair and honest elections are needed!
Fred Voltz
The use of every contorted geometric shape known to humans plagues the proposed Assembly districts, just as with the Senate districts in both the greater Reno and Las Vegas areas. AD 35 comes closest in the southwest Las Vegas Valley to a semblance of similar communities grouped together. Otherwise, the districts make little sense for a given Assembly person to effectively represent a grouping of communities with similar public policy interests and needs. As with the Senate, the primary consideration should not be about protecting incumbents, but equitable districts that coalesce around common communities of interest.
Bruce Clark
Is it really so hard to be a representative of everyone in your district? These redistricting lines are a clear case of gerrymandering and everyone of you politicians voting on this clearly know this! Please somebody stand up have some ethics and redistrict the state fairly and equitably and stop playing partisan politics for your own selfish benefits! These lines do not fairly represent my community and you know it! Do this correctly! I implore you!
David Sandfoss
Redistricting through a special session may change the maps to garner or nullify votes but, more than likely, it will only serve to change the minds and hearts of the voters. Most all voters (especially in Nevada) know a rigged game when they see it and they don't like it.
Barbara Teixeira
You are deliberating gerrymandering the redistributing to ensure that Republicans are outnumbered in as many districts as possible! You are taking representIon from the people so that you will control us. There is nothing fair about what you are doing! You are deliberating fixing this so that you have full control of our state! We will not accept your actions! The state belongs to all of us! It is not yours to control through unfair gerrymandering!
Jon Harrison
The district lines are drawn by liberals for there benefit and not for the benefit of the voters. Just another power grab.
C Jones
There is no reason that Centennial/Skye Canyon should be in the same district as Pahrump. This is complete gerrymandering.
Gerald Antinoro
This is a blatant attempt to rig the system. It puts us in a district with a representative we did not vote for. It lumps us into the state capital that has very different issues than those we face. Stop gerrymandering!
Anthony Ilardi
This is just another example of the democrats attempting to gerrymander their way in order to unfairly manipulate the votes in our state!
Jennella Battles
One political party or county should not be deciding how the entire state is represented. Rural cities should not be split & segregated. Generate fair & balanced representation for everyone.
Doug Busselman
I don't believe that portions of Elko, Eureka and Lander Counties should be split into different legislative districts. Each county should be kept in a legislative district and county lines should be used as boundaries for different legislative districts.
Michelle Mortensen
While it is very normal for the party in power to gerrymander for their benefit, these assembly and senate maps are ridiculously partisan. Of 42 Assembly seats, 30 are clearly Democrat seats. 5 are competitive. This is grossly unfair. You’ve also kept a true divide making the north red and the south blue. That truly is unacceptable. You can’t make every single Las Vegas Metropolitan district a D district. While I know we can’t expect fairness, or a 50 split, these maps are grossly unfair. Please reconsider how you have mapped out the Summerlin and Northwest area in particular.
Walter Kuver
Pahrump should be all in either District 33 or 36 and not divided as proposed. We are one valley with common values.
Peter Milley
Quit trying to stack the deck. Keep our elections free and fair.
Stacy Regenhard
These some of these Democratic districts could easily encompass more Republicans to make these districts more even. It just looks like you are tipping the scales in Democratic favor to govern our whole state. If Republicans are taken from the edges of all these populated democratic districts it would be more fair!! If it is not changed you are obviously just biased. Republicans shouldn't be restricted to just republican districts!
David Lukasik
The shapes of these districts and the locations of the boundaries is clear evidence of gerrymandering. It is obvious the goal is to advantageously manipulate demographics instead of promote representative government.
Marie L Nicholson
Audit the 2020 elections...if you have nothing to hide you have no reason to obstruct an audit. When that is settled we can talk about changing districts - led by the public servants that we VOTED in.
Sandra Lambert
This is a partisan ploy to help Democrats by splitting up Republican voting strength. I am strongly opposed to this change. If it is not broke, then don't fix it!
Ace Acosta
Cheyenne and down should be included in AD 11, which the eastern part ends on pecos and western part starting at the freeway, and the southern part of the district is similar to how it is now.
John Vogelsang
This district is in the same one as Pahrump?
John Vogelsang
This street is divided into two districts
Alida Benson
AD10 as drawn does not make sense, as it doesn't follow the major man-made geographical divides in our city (our freeways). Why is only part of the district extended above the 95? Why are freeways not used as natural dividing lines? This is obvious gerrymandering (look at the tiny slice crossing over the 15). The obvious boundary lines on the North and East would be the 95/15, and Palmyra/Sirius as the Southern Border, with Buffalo being the division between District 5/10. Let's have common sense, transparently made districts, not the product of smoke filled back rooms designed to disenfranchise the largest voting bloc of our electorate--the non-partisan voters.
John Vogelsang
Why are these neighbors in different districts?
John Vogelsang
It seems odd to have the district line here with the county line so far away.
John Vogelsang
This looks like it divided on section a duplex into different districts
John Vogelsang
This district divides a neighborhood
Pam Sorenson
Looks like a power grab by the democrats, very unfair and not necessary.
Larry Swafford
We are tired of these poor decisions led by our idiot governor..
John Vogelsang
This district divides a neighborhood
John Vogelsang
This district divides a community
Larry Swafford
Not acceptable…. We will remember this farce come election time!
John Vogelsang
The north end of this district is completely different from the south end
John Vogelsang
This row of apartments should be in the same district as the other apartments in this complex
John Vogelsang
This neighborhood should be in one district
Murray Kane
These maps are unfair, illegal and discriminatory. They heavily favor those persons registered in the Democrat party and heavily disfavor those persons registered in the Republican or any other party other than Democrat and also heavily disfavor those persons registered as independent or non-partisan. These proposed maps are also unconstitutional for these reasons under the United States and Nevada Constitutions, and also violate the Nevada Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 13 (do not apportion representation by population but by party) and Article 2, Rights of Suffrage, and Section 1A.9 in that they are discriminatory for the reasons mentioned in this comment.
Toni Farkas
These new districting proposals are NOT representative of real's seems unfair, unbalanced and disproportionately slanted in favor of one demographic over another
Toni Farkas
These new districting proposals seem unfair, unbalanced and disproportionately slanted in favor of one party over another...let's pause and consider the consequences of these's not right and it's obvious
Devron Lawrence Gonzalez
These district changes are just plain stupid. This is being done by Nevada’s democratic leadership in a blatant attempt to secure more power and to ensure that Nevada permanently leans blue. This gerrymandering is completely motivated by fear of a “red wave” in 2022. It makes absolutely no sense to completely ignore county lines when redistricting. It’s incredibly clear that these maps increase democratic representation within various districts while snubbing out and diluting conservative representation. This disgusting power grab benefits nobody (except democrats), causes unfair and imbalanced representation, and will silence the voice of countless Nevadans. These proposed changes must not be allowed to happen.
Muriel Weidemann
Why does it seem like this map is drawn with the purpose of making sure that there are more Democrats represented in each district of the state with the exception of a couple? Seems like there is a better way to fairly represent the views and communities. The bias definitely seems to be the basis of this effort.
Barney Rabold
I fail to see the reason behind the special session other than a power grab from the Democrats. Stop the madness and leave the districts alone.
Stacy Miller
Please don't break up Green Valley North. Please move the line from Green Valley Parkway to Pecos. I live in Henderson and now will be placed with Las Vegas representation. Please keep Green Valley North, Green Valley South and Green Valley Ranch in one district. We are one community. Please keep us together.
Shanna Lamb
Marcie Hansen
Why split up Summerlin? I don't like that you have split up Summerlin into district 34 and 37. Additionally, all of these districts appear to be drawn to benefit Democrats because in all but one Dems out number Republicans. It should be equal so everyone's voice can be heard.
Very thinly veiled attempt gerrymander. Breaking up communities and targeting populations is horrible.
Marcie Hansen
I think district 37, district 34 and many others are unusual shapes and to me it looks like it was drawn that way to give one party an advantage. I would prefer an independent committee draw the lines and draw them straight. All this zig-zag stuff looks very suspicious.
Chris Ackerson
Did somebody named Brandon draw these maps for the Democrat Party. These are absurd cases of gerrymandering.
Lea Case
I would be interested to know why Stagecoach, a very small rural town, was divided into 3 districts.
Courtenay Burns
This proposed district (32) is not drawn in a logical way. Despite the fact that the Cold Springs area is part of the Reno CDA (with Reno addresses) and is not rural, it is drawn together with highly rural areas. We share a community advisory board with the North Valleys, indicating that we are one community. We have trouble being fairly represented as it is; by drawing this district with very rural areas, the likelihood of representation in our interests and serving our issues is decreased even further.
Rex Steninger
Elko County is a vibrant, self-reliant and proud community. It would be a shame to split off Carlin and western Elko County and move those people to a Washoe County District. Additionally, the representatives representing the rest of Elko County would have to go nearly all the way to Pahrump, 400 miles away, to gain the votes lost by moving western Elko County to a Washoe District.