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Population and Geography based on 2020 Census
Sun City Summerlin
A community of senior citizens
A growing, active community for younger families that is distinct from the surrounding communities.
West Mesa
Submitting on behalf of the Las Vegas Indian Center. My community is close to parks, trails, public transit center, and diverse shopping and healthy food stores and restaurants. My neighborhood should be kept within election boundaries of Summerlin and areas to the west.
Elko County
Elko County
AAPI Community of Interest
Over the last 10 years, the Asian American Pacific Islander communities have grown throughout the southwest. This community map has at least two communities of interest that would like to be kept together.
Walker River
Geographic boundaries of Walker River Paiute Tribe Reservations Lands
Las Vegas Paiute Colony
Submitted on behalf of the Las Vegas Indian Center.
The 10-acre Colony location was granted by Helen J Stewart and is a historic site as well as Tribal lands of Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. This is the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Colony in downtown LV that includes the Tribal smoke shop, NUWU dispensary, Health & Human Services, and Recreational center. It is along Main Street and public transportation and employment downtown. The Tribal businesses on this land are also a source of economic development and jobs for tribal members. The health and human services clinic and recreational center are also located here. The Tribe also has 4000 acres along US 95 with a golf course, Pow wow lands and residential area that should be districted with the Colony as much as possible.
North Las Vegas POC
Submitted on behalf of the Las Vegas Indian Center.
My community is a largely Latinx, Native American, Indigenous communities. Also African American roots. Gatherings take park in local park, and community centers. Many low income services are needed when it comes to healthcare services, transportation and access to food. Lots of big rig trucks and industrial buildings. We experience more pollution and loud noise and light shortages. My community is concerned about more affordable housing, bilingual programs for parents, transportation concerns.
Sun Valley
This is one unincorporated area, majority-minority, with its own GID, separated from other communities by mountains/hills, and overwhelmingly homogenous socio-economically. The ball has already started rolling with other local governments already redistricting to put SV into one elected district (WCSD has finalized their maps doing just that). This area is also served entirely by one middle school, and the entire area will be zoned for one high school beginning next year.
Moapa River Indian Reservation
Geographic boundaries of the Moapa River Indian Reservation.
Nye County
as a prior county commissioner for Nye County, I am hearing rumors that Nye will be split (probably in Pahrump) in two. Please reconsider this idea as it will have negative connotations in Nye. Nye is a huge county and needs to be treated as one cohesive area.